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Electrical Rewiring London & Kent

A house rewire is not the easiest of jobs. Without the relevant skills or correct training, you should always have a professional competent electrician complete the works.

We offer a full or partial rewiring service for homes, offices, garden, and outer buildings, commercial buildings, and plenty more with relevant and up to date certification leaving your building or premises protected and safe for peace of mind. We cover everything from surveying the works to give you an honest answer if your property does or does not need rewiring.

The rewiring of a house is separated into stages.

  1. Isolation of old fuse board and accessories
  2. Ripping out of all old wiring and accessories
  3. 1st fix – Wiring of new circuits
  4. 2nd fix – Installation of new accessories and consumer unit and possibly making good depending on the agreement
  5. And lastly is the finalisation stage where all circuits are tested and certified for the new wiring and consumer unit

It is always best to make sure your property and the people inside it are safe from fires, faulty appliances, and circuits with a new means of protection.

For any advice or help to see if your building or property needs a partial or full rewire, please get in touch today.

We can visit the property to ascertain the need for a rewire. It is also possible for us to tell online if you need a rewire.

Electrical Rewiring London
Professional Electrical Rewiring London
Expert Electrical Rewiring London

Electrical Rewiring Cost

Please contact us today for a free no-obligation quote to rewire your property.

We will advise you on the most cost effective way to rewire your house; either partial or full.

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