At 3nvision we are excited about the future and EVs (Electric Vehicles) are an example of the future happening now! And that future is speeding up. The majority of car manufacturers have committed to building fully electric and/or hybrid vehicles, across their ranges. Some, like Jaguar, have even confirmed they are moving fully to all electric vehicles.

Many people are starting to consider EVs as not only a 2nd car, but as their main car. Range Anxiety used to be a major worry for many drivers, especially with the lack of charging points. However, that has changed. The range of many EVs compares to modern internal combustion engine cars (ICE) and many public charging points are available at all major motorway service stations, as well as at supermarkets and local council car parks.

Charging Points

There are three main types of EV charging – rapid, fast, and slow. These represent the power outputs, and consequently charging speeds, available to charge an EV. Note that power is measured in kilowatts (kW)

These charging points can be divided into Public Charging Points and home charging points. Currently you can only get Rapid Charging points from Public Charging points, due to the infrastructure required.

Home Charging Points

At 3nvision we are qualified to install Home charging points for EVs. There are a large number of Home Charging points available from a wide variety of manufacturers. There are some key attributes you need to factor, when choosing your charging point;

  • Costs:
  • Charger Specs: Home chargers can come with a variety of different options such as
    • Power Output
    • Connectivity (3g/4g, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Looks and Style: Width, height, depth and colour will vary between wall chargers and the aesthetic can have an impact on how well these chargers look bolted to the side or front of your house.
  • App Specs: Many modern Home Charging points have apps that allow you to;
    • Charge via a schedule
    • Time of use Tariff Compatible (Charge automatically at cheapest times
    • Adjust Power output
  • Charger Options: TCover things like tethered and untethered options, solar functionality
  • Warranty: Check to see how long the warranty is.

If you’d like to know more about EV Home Charging Points then please give us a call or email us.

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